Ресторан Bjorn

Ресторан Bjorn – портретная фотосессия Марианны

Ресторан Bjorn – портретная фотосессия Марианны

How I missed to our photoshoots with Marianna, already several months passed or even half a year. At this time, Mari suggested to go to one atmospheric place recently opened, which she noticed on the way from her dance class on Pyatnitskaya Street – Bjorn. This is the restaurant of North cuisine, which is cool color at the day and very warm color in the night, when it’s light up by the round spot fixtures above every single table. The design is very discreet, compact, without any tinsel underlined by light grey color, only green moss and odor of smolder fire-woods gives the feeling that you located not in the cold and muddy Moscow, but somewhere outside nearby the bonfire with your close friends or family. The staff of the restaurant – are very high young guys with beard – all are every courteous and friendly, and you trust them immediately, I even walked around tables for making photo of interior and left my bag with expensive camera and credit card without any concerns. 

So. What about dishes. Well. This is absolutely unexpected. Except taste of tea – I ordered sea-buckthorn just in order to add some bright color to the atmosphere surrounded me and my table composition let off fireworks. Reading menu I noticed very unusual title of desert “ugly chocolate pie with thyme ice cream” (некрасивый шоколадный пирог с мороженным из тимьяна). Salt with thyme on the top of creamy ball, ice cream, dark chocolate pie and all of these are on oiled parchment paper. Tell the truth I couldn’t eat it till the end, but I still remember this taste! Mari ordered pumpkin soup with truffle and almonds, it seems she liked it, bus as for me, again, I prefer more classical dishes. If you really want to try something new and provoking this is really that place to visit, even only for a cup of tea. 

Together with Mari we spent about two hours fluttering in every corner of this very beautiful restaurant for shooting portraits and never regret about time being here.

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