свадебная фотосессия

Летняя свадебная фотосессия – Георгий и Тамара

Летняя свадебная фотосессия – Георгий и Тамара

Wedding photo shoot in summer – Georgy and Tamara

This was quite extraordinary wedding arrangement we’ve ever worked on. I didn’t get deeply into the detailed reasons, but this is the story. On Thursday night I’ve got message in one of wedd. forum, looking for photographer on upcoming Saturday with the detailed schedule of photo-trip around famous Moscow places & party session inside rented cottage. Luckily, we were free for that particular day and I wrote back my acceptance of this invitation. As we found out later, Georgy sent out this letter at least to 20 photographers and the few who were available  at that day still couldn’t speak English (despite they managed to wrote an answer). At our first phone conversation I heard so deep release in Georgy’s voice, that we agreed on schedule and appointment starting time. Well, the weather played with us and we had to move our meeting time several times, which leads to changing the schedule and all planned destinations. Nevertheless, we never regret about it, cause we found very nice, beautiful and quite church nearby Domodedovo, where we started our romantic session. I may state that your personality attracts the persons like you are, Georgy and Tamara were one more very creative and joyful couple, fonding of photography as well. On backyard of their cottage they played like little crazy children, enjoying every moment they had together. At the end of the day, we’ve got so warm embraces and kisses from our newly wedded couple, who even didn’t seen the photos at all, that all the way home we couldn’t stop proud of ourselves that we’d managed to make someone else happy. Thank you guys for allowing us to be part of the most important day of your life!!! 🙂

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